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Our Supplements: Benefits

Maris Omega-3 Supplements are IOI's consumer products for private label customers that provide attractive benefits over conventional omega-3s. We have developed formats for direct intake that overcome fish oil soft gels' downsides like limitations in load and undesirable reflux.

Maris Omega-3 Supplements are designed for modern consumers' demands:

  • Great taste, free from any fishy off-note
  • High EPA/DHA loads for optimum efficacy
  • Natural formulas without artificial sweeteners or flavors

Maris Omega-3 Supplements stand for highest quality and ultimate product integrity:

  • Made with ultra-low oxidized Maris EPA/DHA  
  • Third-party tested for load and contaminants
  • Manufactured according pharmaceutical standards
Maris Omega-3 Supplements Brochure