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Maris Omega-3 Microcapsules

One of the downsides of conventional soft gel capsules is their size. Not few people find it difficult to swallow large omega-3 capsules which usually hold 500 mg – 1.200 mg of oil. Most children will not want to swallow soft gels at all.

Maris Omega-3 Microcapsules are the perfect solution for highly convenient intake. Available in sizes as small as a pinhead, swallowing is very comfortable, even for small children or consumers with serious swallowing issues. Packed in a stick pack, the microcapsules are consumed similar to granules for direct intake and easily swallowed with just a sip of beverage.

We offer microcapsules for targeted release that dissolve either in the mouth, the stomach or the intestines. Compared to regular chewable soft gel capsules, our mouth-dissolvable type microcapsules melt very easily and fast in the mouth. For the shell matrix various flavoring options are available to provide a new way of great-tasting, high-load omega-3 delivery.

Maris Omega-3 Supplements Brochure